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Blood Gorge

Blood Gorge

Toxic Filth Video is proud to present..... BLOOD GORGE!

Blood Gorge is a no budget feature that pays homage to regional, old school American horror, as well as violent late 80's Giallo mystery films. With a run time of 40 minutes, this movie is all killer NO filler. Blood Gorge features a punk and hiphop sound track from talented acts across the US and a synth wave score by the ever prolific Karl Casey of @WhiteBatAudio​.

Written and Directed by: Victor Gabriel

Director of Photography: Vincent Peters

Special FX Makeup: Kait Bredin

"Six friends decide to find solace outside of the city for one evening to experience a true Halloween that they haven't been able to enjoy since they were young. Soon, they find themselves trapped in a nightmare they can't awake from when they are confronted by a masked killer who is relentlessly murdering the group one by one. Who is this maniac? The group of friends quickly learn that pain is temporary, Halloween is forever..."

First ever U.S Limited Edition DVD.


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