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Blood Sick Psychosis

Blood Sick Psychosis

Toxic Filth Video is proud to give you the Bruce Longo SOV masterpiece, BLOOD SICK PSYCHOSIS on DVD!


If you stay up on your micro-to-low-budget horror (that's a thing everyone does right?), you may have seen quite a few attempted throw backs to the SOV horror of the 80s and 90s. Mostly this includes a obvious filter, applied to the digital film. However this is not the case for Blood Sick Psychosis, which breaks out the camcorder instead for that authentic, grimy feel.More than that, it captures the genres vibe on every level from the story to the splatterific gore effects. Good old fashioned, mean spirited, gross fun - pure and uncut. Bringing to the screen grainy violence, Satan and metal/punk.If you are a fan of early Olaf Ittenbach, Jon McBride, Marcus Koch or even the super 8 films of Nathan Schiff, give this throwback a try.



A couple of drug addict punks take a little too much acid and develop a vampiric thirst for blood.



Directed by:

Bruce Longo



Josh Christensen Francis Kano Sadie Mae Gutz David Rock Nelson Ryan Petrillo Elias Morris Zach Rot Jess Castor Bobby Tre Arielle Bogdan Henry Bogdan Brielle Klopp Patrick Costello Jonathan Kobryn Brewce Longo Tommy McKnight Rich Klauf Michael DiFrancesco Spiter




Limited Edition DVD with Bonus Extras and color insert!







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