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The Day of the Incredible Monster from the Center of the Earth (trilogy)

The Day of the Incredible Monster from the Center of the Earth (trilogy)

Michael Pollklesener(fuck the devil 1 & 2) and Toxic Filth Video is proud to present an epic underground monster explosion!

Presented for the first time together in one release. The U.S. Blu-ray release of The Day of the Incredible Monster from the Center of the Earth includes all 3 Monster shorts!

Included in this release is a Behind the Scenes feature and Making of Music/Sound with Christopher J Ochs.


With “The Day of the Incredible Monster from the Center of the Earth” in 2023, Michael Pollklesener happily completed his trilogy of homage to the stop motion effects of old “Godzilla” films, which began in 1992 with “The Incredible Day of the Monster from the North Pole” and was continued in 1993 with a sequel called “The Day of the Incredible Monster from Outer Space”.

According to the director's video recap, the first two short films are about how, in 2017, all people have been mutated into hand puppets by nuclear power and a monster from the North Pole is destroying Kreuzberg; there are crazy professors with growth serums, giant monsters and alien super soldiers. Small excerpts in the opening minutes review the look and style, but not the background.

Technically, however, it is certainly the most sophisticated part. There is a lot of heart and soul in it! In particular, the stop motion work of the giant insects and the buildings of the research station are very lovingly done and quite charming despite the minimal budget, as is the entire basic tenor of the crazy plot, in which "Ernie & Bert" along with giant insects grapple with an "Ash" demon, which the Cookie Monster accidentally summons when reading the Necronomicon while looking for nuclear weapons...

As with his "Fuck the Devil" films, there are some nice homages to the "Evil Dead" films, such as the well-known tracking shots, here through the back gardens of Berlin. And it's pretty funny at times, the way the chainsaw is swung or the spider tears apart Sesame Street actresses like Miss Piggy. The scene where a flying Barbie doll's head is attacked by an eagle is really wild; there are a few wild ideas there. Good humor guaranteed; honest amateur nonsense with heart.

Limited Edition blu-ray will only be available through Toxic Filth Video.

Includes limited edition sticker!


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